Dear UDC Agents,


If you have already completed and emailed the new contract, please check your email as codes will be sent on Tuesday November 15th at 9:00 am.

UDC has entered into a new partnership with Prepay Nation! We will now be expanding our product offering to include many new and exiting products including many international top-up programs that have not been available in the past as well as instant spiff payouts and free sims for Lyca Mobile. This is in addition to all of the current Verizon and T-Mobile product offerings you currently receive through UDC. There will be a new on-line ticket system to assist in any pin, payment, or top up issues, so you will always receive confirmation that every matter is resolved. We are extremely excited to bring you this new offering and we will be assisting everyone in the transfer over to the new platform immediately. Both UDC and Prepay Nation Staff will be assisting in this migration to our new portal.

The new site is WWW.VALUETOPUP.COM

Please ensure that you have completed, signed and forwarded the new agreement to PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CURRENT UDC MERCHANT ID (THAT IS YOUR 5 DIGIT LOGIN). Prepay Nation will be extending you the same credit lines UDC has offered to you in the past. Please note that UDC will still need to pull outstanding funds, and will continue to do so until outstanding balance are clear. All pulls will continue on the normal ACH pull schedule.

Also you will receive new login and password credentials for Prepay Nation as your current UDC logins will not be compatible with the new site. If you have any questions regarding this, you can either reach me directly at, Marla Kahn (UDC) at or Nehi Sharma (Prepay Nation) at

We look forward to assisting you in this transfer and are excited for you to experience

Download Prepay Nation Merchant Agreement



Robert Schoener
Director - Channel Development

Prepay Nation


VP of Sales
Universal Data Consultants